Neighborhoods, Start Your Posters!

Well, Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021. While we didn’t miss a beat for the “If This House Could Talk” event in 2020, and planning for 2021 is already ahead of us: we’re doing it again!

So dust off that old poster, start planning a new one, or even begin researching your home to create a poster — the time is now! Things are slowly opening up: the library archival center is taking appointments, and plans are on the way for 2-3 online classes on how to research your home.

Yankee Homecoming??!! YES – It’s happening! July 30 August 8th. It’s a REIMAGINEING of events and excitement. And of course, walking around and looking at all the historic homes and the stories about them.

AS ALWAYS, THIS IS AN EVENT OF THE COMMUNITY, FOR THE COMMUNITY, BY THE COMMUNITY. The library, the Newburyport Preservation Trust, and a bevy of volunteers (ok, like 4 or 5 – what’s a “bevy” anyways?) help put it on.

And it couldn’t happen without YOU.

So get ready. Classes will be announced soon. The library will have schedule appointment times available to you, and as always, need help? Just ask! If you are new, browse through this website for lost of great info on how to make a poster. We’ll have supplies for participants again this year at the library – so stay tuned!

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