And so year 5 ends, Pandemically Yours…

Wow. What a year. What signs! What a community!

Like every year, it really never ends. The spirit of “If This House Could Talk” goes on. Some folks leave their signs up for a few more days, some for a few more weeks. It’s all up to you.

There were lots of new signs, lots of old signs, and lots of walkers looking at the signs (although most were locals, for once!).

This year we added more streetscapes, and included on the map Preservation Trust plaques.

Thanks to Bob Watts and Chris Edmonds, our map at has a picture associated with each location. In a few weeks the address for that will be “”. Compare it to prior years using the same type of address: “2019.”, “”, etc.

This really couldn’t happen without a small core group of volunteers:

Barb Bailey from the Newburyport Preservation Trust whose infectiousness enthusiasm, classes, and street signs has kept this exciting.

Sharon Spieldenner from the archival center at the Newburyport public library and all the one-on-one support she has provided to all of us,.

Chris Edmonds – for keeping the map updated every day, multiple times a day – no easy feat!

Ghlee Woodworth – under whose guidance and auspices we have been doing this for Yankee Homecoming, and her efforts with signs in Oak Hill cemetery.

Mary Baker – for her advice, support and cheer-leading.

.. and much much thanks to Bob Watts, photographer extraordinaire, for his many pictures and Facebook posts.

Bob and I will be putting together a coffee table class photo book of the “This House Could Talk” posters and homes, in time for holiday gift giving. Watch for that. All proceeds will go to the Newburyport Preservation Trust.

Most of all, thanks to Newburyport families for their infectious spirit of community, and everyone’s focus on our homes and their stories.

See you next year!

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