How to Find the “This House Could Talk” Homes (*updated with final list)

We’re on the verge of another impressive year of “If This House Could Talk”. It’s incredible the pride that Newburyport residents have in their homes and neighborhoods – and the stories that get told.

The event starts with Yankee Homecoming on Saturday, July 30. How do you find homes with signs?

Of course, you can see the map of homes anytime at – easily viewable on you smartphone.

Or pickup a paper list of homes ordered by street name at the Newburyport Public Library – available starting Saturday morning. That paper list is also below, updated continuously for late additions:

This year we’ll also publish a pictorial book of the homes and signs. Look for that on Amazon and at Jabberwocky around Late October.

In the meantime, enjoy the stories during Yankee Homecoming!


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