New “If This House Could Talk” Sign Technology!

After 6 years of “If This House Could Talk” in Newburyport, it’s getting pretty routine. But just when you think there’s nothing new on the Merrimack..Let’s Talk Signs!

There is new sign technology! We started years ago with paper, then poster board, added dry cleaner bags to keep them dry, then clear adhesive wrap. But everyone has been so innovative. We saw some signs that were just amazing over the years!

No – not Jumbotrons or giant LED signs


The cost? 2×3 signs run $15-20, plus shipping (which could be $10-15 more)
Don’t discount the lead time needed, so get started soon!

Resources we have found online for banner printing are:

It’s not too late to get started (we’re just over a month away from Yankee Homecoming).

Need a story? Go to the Newburyport Library’s Archival center, or explore the “Keeping the Story Alive” map, or just create your own personalized story about your house, family, or event!

Whether you create your own sign, or walk around and read others, it’s fun for the whole family!


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