Gearing Up For 2023

Yankee Homecoming is on the horizon – and so is “If This House Could Talk”. This year it’s July 29, 2023 – August 6, 2023.

This website has a huge amount of information on participating in “If This House Could Talk”, and lessons learned in our 7 years of doing this.

But let’s boil it down to 3 easy steps:

1. Decide on your story about your home. It could be about an event, about the people that live in it (past or present), or about the history of the home. The Newburyport Public Library archival center could be a great resource if you are looking into the past.

It’s a great project for kids and teens, genealogy research, or just learning more about local history!

2. Put the story on a poster board. There are a lot of resources in these pages on how to, including materials (paper, cardboard, or vinyl are options). Creativity rules! For ideas, see the “If This House Could Talk” books we’ve created over the years.

Make sure you put your house on the map so people can find it, and its story. Do that HERE

3. Post your sign during Yankee Homecoming. Visit everyone else’s signs by using this online map

It’s that simple!


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