But My House Isn’t Old Enough “To Talk”


I hear this all the time…But My House Isn’t Old Enough “To Talk” . Why should I put a sign up?

Certainly, one of the side effects of “If This House Could Talk” is an appreciation for historical homes, and a catalyst for finding out about your old house, if you have one.

But the real reason we do this is to hear stories and meet neighbors!  Those house stories could be about the people in the house, something unusual that has happened near there, or even about visitors.

Like “Famous person XXX was here for a party in 2002”, or “We found a Towle spoon from 1850 in the yard”, or “We’re Swedish, and just moved here last year.  You think houses in Newburyport are old? go to Stockholm to see OLD!”

Be fun, lighthearted. Tell something about yourself, your family,  or your house. Make it interesting to start conversations and meet neighbors,

“If This House Could Talk” is about walking the neighborhoods as much as it is about old homes.   It’s about COMMUNITY.

This year the whole city can get in the act. Just sign-up by entering you address on the map so people know where to look for signs.  mapme.walknewburyport.com

The map is at Map.walknewburyport.com.  This year promises to be YUUGGGEE!

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  1. Lisah Plumley says:

    This is wonderful! I can tell stories about 2 Maple street thats for sure!!! As a Newburyport Native, we lived there a long time.


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