We Begin! The List of Homes Displaying Posters…

Here is the list of homes – to make it easier to find the “If This House Could Talk” posters . They are also on the map at http://map.walknewburyport.com, and are available at the Newburyport Public Library archival center or front desk.

click here to go to a PDF for a version suitable for printing on one page

Final House List

17 Allen Street
18 Allen Street
8 Beacon Avenue
6 Beck Street
7 Beck Street
18 Beck Street
26 Boardman Street
29 Boardman St
31 Boardman Street
42 Boardman Street
44 Boardman Street
8 Bromfield Street
62 Bromfield Street
92 Bromfield Street
5 Center Street
4 Dove Street
19 Federal Street
64 Federal Street
65 Federal Street
1 High Road
88 High Street
90 High Street
116-122 High Street
157 High Street
88-90 Lime Street
80 Lime Street
89 Lime St
185 Low Street
1 Market Street
48 Market Street
47 Marlboro Street
48 Marlboro Street
126 Merrimac Street
538 Merrimac Street
70 Middle Street
38 Munroe Street
46 Munroe Street
23 Olive Street
3 Orange Street
94 Pleasant Street
51 Prospect Street
53 Prospect Street
69 Prospect Street
95 Prospect St
6 Purchase Street
8 Purchase Street
46 Purchase Street
67 Purchase Street
75 Purchase Street
11 Smith Street
5 Spring Street
10 Spring Street
57 State Street
94 State Street
100 State Street
9 Strong Street
21 Strong Street
22 Strong Street
32 Strong Street
18 Temple Street
56 Temple Street
9 Upland Road
36 Woodland Street

Thanks to all the residents that researched their home and put up signs!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Bill Hallett says:

    To whom it concerns,

    Went to print off the list here for the one page version and a message covers up my house. My house is 23 Olive St and now people who do the one page (which is more than one), won’t know about my house.


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