The “If This House Could Talk” FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about “If This House Could Talk” – but were afraid to ask.

The Ten Point FAQ:

  1. What is it? A grass roots event where Newburyport residents put up a poster about their home, or their occupants (past or present).  Keep it visible during the week of Yankee Homecoming.
  2. How do I participate?  Get a poster board, create a story, and put it up on July 30 for a week.  Page thru the website for examples.  Anything goes!  Poster boards for If This House Could Talk, courtesy of the Newburyport Preservation Trust,  are available at the library
  3. How do people know I have a poster?  Enter your address into the website, and we’ll list you on the online map at .  The week before, we’ll print a list available for downloading.
  4. How do I research the history of my house?  The Newburyport Public library archival center can help; volunteers are on standby! Make an appointment at (978) 465-4428 x231. 
  5. What if it rains?  Residents have found creative ways to keep the poster dry: put it in a dry space on a porch or other overhang, cover it with used dry cleaner bags, or get clear adhesive shelving liner (like this: , or at Tom’s in Salisbury) to give the poster a laminated look.
    Or try your hand at a Vinyl sign! Resources we have found online for vinyl banner printing are:
    Don’t discount the lead time needed, so get started soon!
  6. What do I do with my poster after?  Keep it for next year!
  7. How do I see all the great posters? During Yankee Homecoming, use the map at to guide your walk and view the posters!
  8. Who is involved to make it happen?  Anyone can help, and we have a core team that manages the particulars.  Join Us!
  9. Is this unique to Newburyport?  Started in Cambridgeport Mass, “If This House Could Talk” events have taken place in many cities – including (this past year) in Reading Mass, and Apalachicola Florida!
  10. Why are you doing this?  Sponsored by the Newburyport Preservation Trust, and supported by the Newburyport Public Library Archival Center, it’s an event to get to know our neighbors, meet and engage our visitors, encourage community, and celebrate our history!

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