My South End Favs

Just took a quick bike around to some, but not all, of the south end signs.


There’s less this year (after all – no tourists!) but some of the new ones are amazing!

I have to start with Christopher Welch’s on Federal Steet – with a detailed description of the house, gardens, barn, etc.

Amazing research, and a fantastic poster!

An amazing effort by southender Dave Pasiuk with TWO signs at the two entrances to Perkins Park. So informative! It’s all about Newburyport’s gas and electric generating station! Whooda thunk?

This sign (below) at 56 Milk St exhibits every thing we love about “If This House Could Talk” – straight forward, unpretentious, simple, small. But awesome still! Thank you owners for sharing your house’s history! The Milk Man cometh!

62 Middle (below) is near and dear to my heart, because I have some theories about this place. They have correctly identified it as a vestige of a first period home, probably one of the earliest in Newbury Port.

The Congregational Church on Titcomb St. always comes through! What an interesting story about one of their congregants, who lived on Allen street!

An amazing year of signs – even during a pandemic!

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