Signs Signs everywhere a sign!

Just another sign…

Just a few short days until the start on Sunday. It’s a quieter year without the major Yankee Homecoming activities, but still a year to walk-about and talk about all the signs! Some folks are so anxious they are putting theirs up a day early on Saturday!

Here are some good things to know that are different this year:

  • Acclaimed local photographer Bob Watts will be roaming around taking pictures of the sign and the house, for inclusion in a “coffee table” gift book for the holidays. All proceeds go to the Preservation Trust. No one is making any profit here – it’s all for Newburyport – thanks to all the volunteers and participants!
  • On the map we are including about a dozen “historical signs” or street scenes like the one below. Check them out. We looked for pictures where we could post them on the exact same spot they were taken!
  • Paper lists will be made available at the library starting Monday; you can also download them here on this website. Watch for the post over the weekend.
  • The map will also include homes with official Newburyport Preservation Trust plaques – add that to your walk!

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  1. Deborah says:

    Can’t seem to down load to access the house maps for the house walking tours . ???


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