What are you waiting for?

Why are you still procrastinating? You know you plan to hang a poster for If This House Could Talk but haven’t registered your house. Well, you are running out of time! ITHCT begins THIS Sunday! Register your house here so your address will show up on the walking map. We are printing the map later this week so don’t miss out.

If you have a poster that you made in a previous year, go find it, dust it off, and then register your house. It is that easy! If you want to create something new, there are still some poster boards available at the Harris Street pick-up window of the library. Do it today!

Can’t remember if you already registered your house? Click here to see the map.

We’ve lined up some beautiful weather for next week so get your walking shoes ready!

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  1. Jodie Sullivan says:

    Hello, I was wondering if I could get information on my house. 1 Horton St.


    1. nbpthousehistory says:

      There are lots of places to look for information. Some of our old blog posts have links to resources. In addition, you can contact Sharon Spieldenner at the library. Here are a few map links: https://collections.leventhalmap.org/search/commonwealth:x059c9462 and https://www.loc.gov/collections/sanborn-maps/?q=Newburyport The best way to learn the history of your house is to start with your current house deed and work back in time using the Salem Deeds website. Good luck!


    2. YEAT-boy says:

      http://mhc-macris.net/Details.aspx?MhcId=NWB.AM; click on the “INV” blue icon to download a pdf that talks about the street.

      Sharon Spieldenner (sspieldenner@newburyportpl.org) at the archival center in the library can help, as can barb bailey (barb.bailey03@gmail.com) at the preservation trust.


    3. YEAT-boy says:

      (part 2) I was curious myself. The owners can be looked up at salem deeds (salemdeeds.com) by owner and book/page. It easily goes back to 1944 when Nettie Wilson owned it (3390/188); she left it in a will, and you would have to contact salem deeds to see her will. There are also research techniques to go back further by using the deeds; Barb Bailey (who I mentioned previously) has a class for that.

      Now – every time you get a name, you can use that to do a google search, genealogy search, or newspaper search for info on that person. If you are lucky (or they made news) you may get something. Newburyport newspapers are all online at the library website.

      Here’s a list of owners and book/page numbers that you can use:

      Mark Robinson 6170/141 (1975)
      Oscar Brisson 4393/518 (1954)
      Hattie Worcester 4086/48 (1954)
      Bessie Robinson 3390/188 (1944)
      Nettie Wilson

      That’s a start. Hope this helps

      Jack Santos email: iam@jacksantos.com


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