Researching Your House

Have you ever wondered who built your house?  Who lived in your house? Where to begin the research process?  Join me for a Zoom session called “House Research 101” — June 15 or July 1, and July 12 if needed.   

I’ll provide step-by step-instructions on how to research your house and share links that are valuable to the process.  Learn how to use MACRIS and Salem Deeds, and also how to access the digitized historical newspapers dating back to 1773. 

Whether you are interested in creating a poster for If This House Could Talk or want to apply for a plaque through the Newburyport Preservation Trust, this session will get you started!

Sign up for one of the sessions at  

Did you know? Newburyport renumbered most house addresses around 1915.  The 1924 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, available at the library, shows old addresses and current addresses.

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