Get Put on the Map!

Participating in “If This House Could Talk” this year?
It’s on for July 26 to August 2nd.

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3:

1: Get put on the map

2: Find a story to tell

3: Make a poster and put it up

Start by joining the fun and submit your intention to have a poster. Go to to sign up and get your address on the map. Simple, quick, and within a day or two you’ll see the map at with your address on it.

Even if you participated in prior years, its important to sign-up for the map (we take nothing for granted) – otherwise strollers might miss your sign!

The map will stay online for smartphone walking guidance, and paper copies will be available at the library, museums, and other locations.

Steps 2 & 3? We’ve got help in the works for that, too. Free Zoom based research sessions, and free posterboards, thanks to the Newburyport Preservation Trust!

More details to come….

So don’t be all over the map, fall off the map, or get wiped off the map. Map out your plan for If This House Could Talk, and get put on the map with friends and neighbors!

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