2019 “If This House Could Talk”

We’re doing it again in 2019!  It has become the Yankee Homecoming Event everyone talks about!

If you have done it before,  you can use your old sign, or create a new story…

Make sure you get added to the map and list of homes for 2019 by entering your address here:  http://mapme.walknewburyport.com.  Within a few days it will appear on the map at http://map.walknewburyport.com !

If you want to see what was done last year, go to 2018.walknewburyport.com.  Click on the houses to see pictures of the signs!

We’re looking for more participation from more streets – especially in the HISTORIC NORTH END.  Let’s keep the excitement going!

For you newbies, here’s are instructions:

  1. Draft text of 4-5 sentences max. Tell some interesting tidbit – contemporary or historic, personal, or public –  about your building or the people inside it.   Examples:–  “In 2005, during construction, we found a shoe in the wall”, or
    –  “Captain Lunt lived here in 1776; he and his wife had 11 children”, or
    –  “The current family moved here from a 500 year old house in England”2. If you want help investigating the history of your house, contact the archival center at the library. Also search the state’s online historic house database, which has many Newburyport homes: http://mhc-macris.net/

    3  With a permanent marker, copy your text onto a poster. Add your street address at the bottom of the poster.

    5. Confirm your participation by entering your address into the website at http://mapme.walknewburyport.com.  A few days later it will be on the map at map.walknewburyport.com.

    6. Put your sign out by 9 AM Saturday at the start of Yankee Homecoming

    7. Remove your sign by Sunday near the end of YH.  Recycle the materials!


The goal of If this house could talk @ Newburyport Yankee Homecoming is to:

– Create a family friendly activity for Newburyport residents
– Make residents and visitors aware of the history around them
– Contribute to Newburyport’s  sense of community

For further Information: email: MyHouse@WalkNewburyport.com

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