2018 Turning Into a Banner Year!

Closing in on over 100 homes this year.  This couldn’t happen without the Newburyport Preservation Trust, especially Stephanie Niketic and (of course!) Mary Baker Eaton.

I keep getting asked “What Are The Rules?”
Here they are:

  1. Put up the sign the week of Yankee Homecoming (Saturday to Saturday – some people go longer) & have fun
  2. Make it Family Friendly about anything – history or current day & have fun
  3. Have Fun

Oh – did I say Have Fun?

Some tips:

  1. The Newburyport Library archival center.  They can help.
  2. Use a clear plastic dry cleaner bag to protect it from rain.  Local dry cleaners have boxes of used, recycled bags.

Click here for a list of homes. 

Click here for the map

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