Is My House in the Walking Area?


The most frequent question I get is “can I participate?”  These often come from homes all over Newburyport, south end, west end, north end, Joppa.  The stock answer is “SURE!”.  But like everything in life, the real answer is more complicated than that….

My original plan for “If this House Could Talk” consisted of two blocks between Fair and Federal – mainly because it’s where I live.  When the Museum and the Preservation Trust got involved, they convinced me it needed broader exposure, so I expanded the walking area to State to Lime, Water to High.

BUT NOW, requests are coming in from all over Newburyport.

So lets just do this:  If you are going to put a poster on your house (just a 20×30 size poster board, nothing special), send me you address and we’ll add you to the official map. Free posters are being limited to south enders (mainly State to Lime…but its catch as catch can; and we are almost out of the freebees).

Walkers (and Drivers) can decide for themselves which houses/neighborhoods to visit.

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!  What’s Your Story?




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