How You Can Participate!

Many people are asking:  How Can I Help Make “IF THIS HOUSE COULD TALK”  happen?

First and foremost:  put a poster with a house story out in front of your house from July 30-August 6.!!

To help make it happen we have three supporting roles:

1)  Town Criers  (4 people; 3 primary and one backup)

Town criers will:

  • Meet tourists and other interested folks in front of the Museum of Old Newbury at  the corner of Fruit and High.
  • They’ll have a short script, voice their enthusiasm for the project, answer questions as best they can, hand out maps or show people how to use their cell phones to find the map, and then point people on their way.

That’s it! We’ll have 3 times for these meetings, so you’ll be assigned one, and one person will be on call backup in case something happens.

Time commitment: 30 minutes for the meeting 1 hour to prepare (tops!)

2) Street Captains (1-3 per street, depending on length of street).

Street captains will:

  • Hand out materials (posters and markers)  from a stash they are given ahead of time
  • Help with questions and advice on how to create a story
  • Create 1 or 2 “marquee” signs for 1-2 key houses on their street – working with the owners/occupants, or on your own with permission.
  • Make sure addresses are reported to the First Mate so locations can be listed on a map
  • Ensure all is cleaned up on the last Saturday as appropriate (no litter from posters during and after the event)
  • Deal with unknowns as best they can.
Time commitment: 1-2 hours of preparation leading up to the event; 1/2 hour of clean up if needed.

3)  First Mate (1-2 people)

First mates will:

  • Help me, the organizer, gather the addresses that have signs and ensure they are posted on the map.
  • Ensure map printing and distribution
  • Be a central point of contact for questions and issues
Time commitment: 1 hour spread over 2 weeks.
That’s it!

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